At Evergreen, we are deeply connected to the mining industry, an economic cornerstone in the Bulkley Valley for over a century. Our strong ties with drilling, exploration and expediting companies, coupled with our team’s personal connections to mining-related professions, position us uniquely to understand and cater to the evolving needs of the local mining economy.

Timely Delivery & Dependable Support

Trevor Lubbers’ extensive experience in transportation and logistics has also enabled us to establish strong vendor connections in southern B.C. and Alberta. By leveraging these connections, we swiftly procure and distribute equipment to the Golden Triangle, capitalizing on Smithers’ strategic location at the intersection of Highways 16 and 37.

We Know Mining

Benefit from the firsthand mining industry experience of our staff, providing you with valuable insights and understanding your specific needs when it comes to industrial supplies for mining operations.

Tailored Solutions

Evergreen customizes solutions to meet industry demands, ensuring that specialized industrial supplies are promptly delivered at competitive prices, meeting your unique requirements.

Rapid Response

Our responsive and adaptable staff swiftly handle time-critical orders, allowing you to stay on schedule and meet project deadlines without delays.


From heavy machinery to precision tools, our range of products deliver consistent, quality performance to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with equipment.


We work with industry-leading manufacturers known for their exceptional quality, innovation and reliability across a wide range of products.


Our commitment is centered on aiding mining industry professionals in sustaining operations and obtaining crucial parts.

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