Tree Planting

From hand tools and chainsaws to tree planting supplies like shovels and pouches, along with essential safety equipment and PPE, we’ve got everything covered to support your efforts in nurturing future forests.

Your Partner In Reforestation & Tree Planting

Evergreen Industrial is deeply connected to the heritage of northern B.C, where reforestation and tree planting have played a pivotal role in environmental sustainability. Many of our team members have hands-on experience in tree planting operations and strong family ties to reforestation efforts in the region.

Hands-On Reforestation Expertise

Leverage our deep-rooted knowledge in reforestation and tree planting, enriched by years of practical experience and community engagement in these essential green practices.

Supporting Local Sustainability

Choose to work with a company that not only understands the local economy but actively contributes to the ecological growth and conservation of northern B.C communities.

Tailored Solutions For Tree Planting

Our solutions are tailored to your tree planting operations. The Evergreen team is here to guide your projects to success, ensuring the growth and vitality of our natural landscapes.


From heavy machinery to precision tools, our range of products deliver consistent, quality performance to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with equipment.


We work with industry-leading manufacturers known for their exceptional quality, innovation and reliability across a wide range of products.


At Evergreen, our priority is to support professionals in the tree planting industry, concentrating on offering exceptional equipment and committed assistance for effective and sustainable afforestation efforts.

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