Forestry Equipment

An extensive range of forestry-related companies have relied on Evergreen to provide products and services for over 25 years, including loggers, lumber mills, forestry regulators and more.

Helping To Grow For Your Business

Evergreen Industrial is proudly rooted in the heart of northern B.C, where forestry has been a key industry for over a century. Many of our team members have firsthand experience in forestry jobs and maintain strong ties with family members still working in the industry.

Forestry Expertise

A genuine understanding of forestry, backed by years of practical experience and personal connections in the industry.

Support Local

Benefit from working with a company within the local economy, contributing to the sustainability and growth of northern B.C communities.

Hands-On Insights

Gain valuable insights and tailored solutions as we bring our tangible knowledge of forestry and related industries to guide your business toward success.


From heavy machinery to precision tools, our range of products deliver consistent, quality performance to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with equipment.


We work with industry-leading manufacturers known for their exceptional quality, innovation and reliability across a wide range of products.


At Evergreen, our focus is on supporting forestry industry professionals in maintaining operations and securing essential parts.

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