We carry a wide range of products available for dewatering and fluid management. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of pumps, hoses, couplings, valves and fittings, tailored to meet various dewatering requirements.

Specialized Dewatering Equipment & Trusted Quality

Efficient water control and removal are integral to various industrial applications and Evergreen stands as a dependable partner in supplying the right equipment for your dewatering needs.

Specialized Products

At Evergreen, we cater to your dewatering needs by offering an exclusive range of specialized products. These carefully curated items are selected to provide you with the most effective solutions for water control and removal.

Reliable Inventory

From pressure pumps and transfer pumps to trash pumps, available in electric or gasoline-powered options and in sizes ranging from below one inch output to over six inches, we have the equipment you need.

Trusted Brands

Trust in quality as Evergreen provides pumps primarily manufactured by Kodiak in Canada, utilizing dependable Honda engines. Our association with these reputable brands ensures you receive durable and reliable products that stand up to the demands of your dewatering projects.


From heavy machinery to precision tools, our range of products deliver consistent, quality performance to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with equipment.


We work with industry-leading manufacturers known for their exceptional quality, innovation and reliability across a wide range of products.


At Evergreen, our focus is on assisting professionals in the dewatering industry, with an emphasis on delivering top-notch equipment and dedicated support for efficient water control and removal.

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